Aperture Hot-Folder (for tethered cameras)

Aperture supports the use of tethered cameras via a hot-folder import mechanism. Image files placed into a the hot-folder by camera software, such as EOS Capture, Nikon Capture, or Capture One, will be automatically imported into a chosen project in Aperture.

In addition, you have the option to import the images physically into the Aperture library or simply link to the image files on disk.

The process of setting up the Aperture hot-folder is easy and quick. Simply follow these steps:

STEP 01: Download the Hot-Folder Application

Download the Aperture Hot-Folder application archive. Unpack the ZIP archive (if necessary) and place the unpacked application in the same folder as Aperture or anywhere within your Home directory.

STEP 02: Launch the Hot-Folder Application

Double-click the Hot-Folder application to access its startup screen. Click the Continue button to begin the short setup process.

In the forthcoming dialog, choose the folder that is the destination folder for your camera software, or click the New Folder button to create a new folder. With the destination folder selected, click the Choose button to continue.

In the next dialog, choose whether you want to use an existing Aperture Project as the destination for the imported images, or create a new project.

If you chose Existing, you will be presented with a list of all of the projects in your Aperture library. Choose one. Otherwise, you will be presented with a dialog in which you enter the name for a new project that will be created.

The final setup parameter is to indicated whether you want to import the image files into the Aperture library or instead leave the files where they are and import them as linked images. The second option is much faster as the image files do not have to be physically added to the Aperture library.

The setup is complete. If you want to deactivate the hot folder, simply bring the Hot Folder application to the foreground and choose Quit from its application menu. The hot folder will be disabled automatically. To reactivate the hot folder, run and setup the Hot Folder application again.


Photographers often like to have Aperture in full-screen mode while they're shooting with a tethered camera. The Hot Folder application will automatically send a "right-arrow" keystroke after importing an image (if Aperture is the frontmost application) to advance its view in the full-screen window.