Import Mail Image Attachments into Aperture

The Import Email Image Attachments into Aperture AppleScript script can be used as a rule action in the Mail application to automatically import images attached to incoming email messages from specified people into a project in your Aperture library.

Once an image attachment has been imported into Aperture, it will automatically have IPTC Tags added to it for Source (sender of the email), Headline (subject of the email), and Caption (text contents of the email).

To use this script, simply follow these steps:

STEP 1: Download the Script

Click here to download the ZIP archive of the AppleScript script. Unpack the downloaded ZIP archive and place the script file in a convienient location such as your Documents folder.

STEP 2: Create a Mail Rule

Open the Preferences dialog in the Mail application by selecting Preferences... from the Mail menu. Click on the Rules icon on the dialog's toolbar and then click the Add Rule button to summon the sheet for a new rule.

Setup the conditions of the rule to identify those senders who will be sending images for your Aperture library. For the rule action, choose Run AppleScript and select the AppleScript script file you just downloaded by clicking the Choose... button. Click OK to close the sheet and save the rule.


You can still recieve emails without images from the senders listed in the mail rule. Only emails with images will cause anything to be imported into Aperture. Also, you can setup Smart Albums for each of the senders by searching on the IPTC Source field and have a convienient way to instantly view all images sent by a specific sender!