Publish for iPhone

For those on-the-go, the latest web-browsing tool is here — and it's really catching on fast. It's the iPhone, with an advanced browser application that easily displays text, images, and media hosted on the Internet.

And Aperture and iPhone make a perfect combination: the best image management and workflow tool with the best portable internet browsing device.

Using the Publish for iPhone AppleScript script, it becomes ridiculously simple to share your favorite images with clients and friends anxious to use their sleek, stylish, world-in-your-pocket, game-changing device to view your stunning work. Just select some images in your Aperture library and run the script. Within minutes the images will be Internet-published and ready for viewing on an iPhone.

Page Design

The pages created by the script display images in a 2 by 2 grid of thumbnails. A single tap on a thumbnail will display a larger version of the image, which can then be zoomed and sized using the iPhone's "Double-Tap" and "Pinch" techniques.

To navigate between the published pages, simply tap any of the numbered links at the top of each page.

In addition, viewers can share the images with others by tapping the MAIL IMAGE LINK phrase located just below each thumbnail. Doing so will create and display a new outgoing message, in the iPhone's mail application, containing the URL to the larger image linked from the chosen thumbnail.

Publish for Free

The script creates a folder in your computer's Library > WebServer > Documents folder containing the pages, images, and thumbnails. Turn on Personal Web Sharing in the Sharing Preference Pane in the System Preferences application before you run the script, and you can host the images yourself. The image links will automatically point to your computer's network address.

If you would rather host the images on a server, copy the folder to the server folder you declared during the script execution.