Installing Automator Actions

Automator actions are installed in two possible locations:

  • The local library folder: /Library/Automator/
  • The user library folder: ~/Library/Automator/

Actions placed in the local library folder will be available to all users of the computer. Actions installed in the user library folder will only be available to the current user.

To ensure a consistent user experience installing Automator Actions, follow these instructions:

  • For actions that are installed in the local library folder, use the Apple PackageMaker application to create an installer package for the actions and related materials.
  • For actions that are installed in the user library folder, download and unpack this archive and follow the provided instructions to create an installer.

NOTE: Applications can contain actions and definition files that are automatically recognized and displayed by Automator. Simply place actions and any definition files in the Contents > Library > Automator folder within in the application bundle. When the hosting application is installed, the actions will be added to Automator’s list of actions.