Developers can use Automator to automate the building of their own projects and applications using the provided set of developer actions for Xcode, but they can also create their own Automator actions that allow their applications to be used with Automator workflows created by their customers.

Develop for Automator

The Xcode development tools bundled with Mac OS X Tiger provide everything a developer needs to build Automator actions. Actions can be written in any language and using framework supported by Xcode, including: AppleScript, Objective-C, C, C++, Java, Carbon, Cocoa, Core Image, Core Video, Core Data, QuickTime, and many others.

Xcode has three built-in Automator project templates: one for building AppleScript-based actions, one for building Cocoa-based actions, and one for building Shell script actions. AppleScript-based actions are perfect for connecting scriptable applications to workflows. Cocoa-based actions are an excellent means of exposing the functionality of frameworks within the operating system. Shell actions are excellent for System Administrators.

For developers with existing applications, creating Automator actions for your application can dramatically expand the abilities and use of your products. For solutions providers, creating Automator actions is a unique means to provide your customers with the tools they need to be productive.