Learn by example.

The best way to learn how to use Automator is by constructing and running the following example workflows yourself. Each example is described in step-by-step detail with related illustrations. You can do it, and... it's fun!

Re-name Finder Items

In this example, you'll use Automator to create a tool for easily renaming a group of Finder items.

Images from Webpages

How to automate downloading linked images from webpages into iPhoto.

Easy-Share .Mac Photos

Make a one-click downloader application you can give to friends and relatives to share the images on your .Mac website.

Desktop Mailer

Make three workflows that will mail selected Finder items from the desktop.

Media Browsers

Simple workflows for getting quick access to the movies and images you use the most.

Easy Movie Blog

Here's a re-usable workflow that turns the process of preparing and adding movies to your blog into the simple selection of a menu item

Podcast • Creating Narration Tracks

How to use Automator and the built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X to generate high-quality narration tracks for your podcasts.

Database Publishing

An example of how to publish text and images from a FileMaker Pro database to an InDesign template.

Attaching Workflows to Disks

Here's how to have a workflow automatically run every time a specific drive is connected to your computer.

Aperture Auto-Camera Import

Create a workflow that downloads, renames, and imports into Aperture automatically when your camera is connected to your computer!

Aperture Album to IDVD Slideshow

An easy-to-create workflow that will export the images from any Aperture album to a new slideshow in the currently open iDVD project.

Create Aperture Import Hot-Folder

This example demonstrates how to create a "hot-folder" for Aperture. When image files are placed into the folder, they will be automatically imported into a designated project.

Aperture to Keynote Slideshow

Create slides in Keynote for each exported Aperture image and use each image's metadata for the slide's presenter's notes.

GarageBand to Podcast

An example of how to automate the work of preparing a GarageBand project for podcasting.