Add the "Ask for Text" Action

Currently, the first action in the workflow will take a video snapshot and save the new image to disk using any name you enter in the action view. Instead, we'd like the workflow to first prompt the user for the name of the person whose is being photographed, and then use the user-provided name to title the image file.

To accomplish this, we'll add an action, before the first action, that displays a text input dialog when the workflow is run.

Click the Text action group in the Library list and then select and drag the Ask for Text action from the Action list to the workflow area in the window. Hover the cursor just before the first action until it moves out of the way, and release. The Ask for Text action will be inserted.

In the Ask for Text action view, enter the following greeting and instructions into the top text field: "Welcome to the party! Enter your names, we'll take your picture and add it to the slideshow." Then, select the Require an Answer checkbox.