Learn by Example

The best way to learn how to use Automator is by constructing and running the following example workflows yourself. Each example is described in step-by-step detail with related illustrations. You can do it, and... it's fun!

Tutorial • Rename Finder Items

Ever had to rename a lot of files? Going to the dentist is less stressful. Here's a one-click solution that makes reanaming files and folders easy! In this step-by-step tutorial, you'll use Automator to create a Finder contextual menu tool that will rename selected items in a multitude of ways.

Video Snapshot • Welcome to the Party!

In this example, you'll use Automator to create a party photo station that generates and displays snapshots of guests on your computer and TV!

Podcast • Creating Narration Tracks

How to use Automator and the built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X to generate high-quality narration tracks for your photo podcasts.

Tutorial • Applying Image Effects

Here's a simple workflow that expands Preview's image processing abilities to include applying image effects.

Tutorial • New Disk Image

Make the process of creating disk images with selected Finder items a breeze.

iWork • Automated Database Publishing

An example of how to transfer and format text and images between FileMaker Pro and Pages.

Tutorial • Text to Audio File

Take any text file with you on your iPod or iPhone—but as a spoken audio file!

RSS • Accessing RSS Feeds

Three example workflows demonstrating how to access and utilize the information from RSS feeds.