New Features in Automator

Automator returns in Leopard, even more powerful and easier-to-use. It's streamlined interface and new abilities, define the next generation of automation in Mac OS X.

Some of the new features in Automator for Leopard include:

  1. Starting Points • An interactive way to get new Automator users creating workflows quickly.
  2. Streamlined Interface • Dozens of changes dramatically improve and streamline Automator's user-interface, making it much easier to create, edit, and implement workflows.
  3. Workflow Variables • Much requested and really invaluable, workflow variables allow you to store and retrieve action results, share data between actions, and generate input for action parameters at run-time.
  4. UI Recording and Playback • For those times where the workflow needs to open a window, select a menu item, or dismiss a dialog, the new Watch Me Do action lets you record and playback interaction with the computer.
  5. Workflow Looping • Up till now, repeating a workflow has only been accomplished by saving it as a plugin to iCal or using the Automator Loop Utility. In Leopard, the new Loop action can be added to the end of a workflow, allowing the workflow to be repeated for a specified number of times or for a specified time duration.
  6. New Actions • Dozens of new actions raise the level of what Automator can do for you. Actions for working with RSS feeds, taking a video snapshot with your computer's built-in iSight camera, and manipulating PDF files, are just some of the dozens of new actions included in Automator for Leopard.
  7. Command-line Utility • The new Automator Command-Line Utility provides access to other languages for running workflows. Included is the ability to set the initial value of variables contained in the targeted workflow.

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