UI Recording and Playback

For those times when your workflow needs to press a button, or control an application that does not have built-in Automator support, Automator in Leopard includes a new action, called Watch Me Do, that records your interactions with the computer and allows them to be replayed as an action a workflow.

Watch Me Do uses the Accessibility frameworks of Mac OS X to monitor, record, and playback your mouse-clicks and menu selections. To enable this ability, support for assistive devices must be activated in the Universal Access system preference pane in the System Preferences application.

To create a Watch Me Do action, click the Record button at the top right of the workflow window, and perform the steps to be recorded. When you are done, press the Stop button on the small floating Automator progress palette, and a Watch Me Do action, listing your interactions, will be inserted into the end of the workflow.

NOTE: The accuracy of the recorded sequences depends on the level of accessibility support integrated into the applications you want to record. Be aware that not all applications offer accessibility support. Contact your application developer for more information.