Watch and Learn

The following video-slideshows are iPod/iPhone/Apple TV-ready, 640x480 resolution, and are encoded in H.264 MPEG.


Introduction to Automator • 7:10

For those new to Automator, this introduction will explain what Automator is and how it works.


Starting Points • 3:45

For those new to Automator, the Starting Points feature will guide you through the process of beginning a new workflow document.

Streamlined Interface • 6:00

An overview of how the new streamlined interface in Automator makes it easy to quickly access information and data.

Virtual User Mode • 3:38

Automator's new record function let's you control applications that have no integrated automation support.

Workflow Looping • 4:37

The new loop action in Automator let's you create workflows that repeat a specified number of times, or for a specified duration.


Rendered Narrations • 13:48

Create slideshows that speak for themselves! A step-by-step tutorial on how to render the presenter notes of Keynote slides, using the built-in Text-to-Speech abilities of Mac OS X. The videos on this page were created using the techniques shown in this tutorial. • Example Files