The Automator window

Automator's simple design gives you quick access to the actions and information you need to easily create powerful workflows.

  1. The library list gives you instant browsing of all of the actions and workflows you can use in Automator
  2. Selecting an item in the Library List will display the actions it contains in the Action List view.
  3. Documentation for every action is built right into Automator: just click on an action and there it is.
  4. A workflow is the series of actions displayed in this view with the first action in the workflow at the top and last action at the bottom. To add an action to the workflow, simply drag the name of the action from the Actions List to the workflow.
  5. When an action is added to the workflow, you can set its parameters with a few mouse clicks
  6. The search field gives you instant results when you type a keyword, helping you find what you need in a hurry.
  7. Execute your finished workflow with the click of a button.
  8. The status bar you work in progress while your workflow is running.