The Action View

When an action is added to the workflow it displays an "action view" that contains controls and any required or optional parameters.

  1. The title bar displays the number and name of the action in an editable field.
  2. Click on the action number in the action title bar to display the action control menu to enable or disable an action, move it to another position in the workflow, or remove it from the workflow.
  3. The accepted data type indicator displays the kind of data used by the action. If displayed with a triangle icon, this control can be used to disable input from the previous action.
  4. The action parameters view displays any user-controlled options for how the action behaves.
  5. The provided data type indicator displays the kind of data passed by the action to the next action.
  6. The Show Action When Run control lets you set the options when the workflow is run by presenting the action parameters view in a floating dialog window.
  7. The progress/completion indicator shows the status of the current action when the workflow is executed.
  8. Click the delete button to remove the action from the workflow.