How to Change the Top 6 Friends on Your Facebook Profile

can you change the top 6 friends on facebook

On Facebook, you might want to switch the top friends on your profile. Facebook rarely lets us change much to keep things looking professional. But, there are ways to make your friends’ appearances better. If you’re using the classic look, you can make your friends list show more by adjusting profile settings.

You can put your friends in rows of six for easier viewing with the old style. However, the new look doesn’t let you do this. But there’s an “old school” way to limit who sees your friends list. This can help keep your list private, even in the new format where friends are in an A to Z list.

Key Takeaways

  • Understanding how to customize Facebook friends list can make your profile more appealing.
  • The classic Facebook interface allows changing the friends layout into rows of six.
  • New Facebook Timeline format does not offer direct customization buttons for friends layout.
  • Managing subscribers can influence the alphabetical display of friends.
  • Controlling who sees your friends list ensures better privacy management.

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Understanding Facebook’s Friends Layout

The Facebook friends layout shows your connections in a vertical line at first. But this can change for everyone. This layout updates based on each user’s unique friends and actions.

Default Friends Layout

In the usual setup, friends appear in a list from top to bottom. Facebook looks at recent chats, profile visits, photo tags, and other actions to arrange your list. When it picks which friends to highlight, it checks likes, comments, and mutual posts.

This approach also considers if friends look at each other’s photos or chat on Messenger. Such activities can boost someone in your list, making it more personal and relevant.

Changing Friends Layout

If you haven’t got Facebook Timeline, you can make your own changes. Go to the “Friends” spot on your profile and click the layout options. This lets you see your top friends list on Facebook in rows, making it easier to find people. You can see six friends at once this way.

Plus, you have the power to adjust your privacy settings. This means you decide who sees the friends you show, putting you in control.

Steps to Rearrange Friends on Facebook

Rearranging your top friends on Facebook might feel tough at first. But, it’s not impossible. The newer Facebook Timeline kind of limits how much you can customize. But, there are ways to make the most of it.

If you’re still using the classic layout, you have a neat trick. You can change your friends list from a single column to six in a row. This makes looking through your connections easier. But, with the new Timeline, you might see your friends in a different order each time. This happens because Facebook doesn’t let you change that layout anymore.

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Now, for those with the Timeline, here’s something you can do. You can start allowing subscribers. This will show your friends list in alphabetical order. It’s not a fix for the long run, but it adds some order to it.

Facebook also has privacy settings. You can choose who gets to see your friends list. Under the old layout, you could just hide the list. The same goes for the new Timeline. This way, you can keep your friend info private if you want.

In short, the ways to change top friends on Facebook are not as flexible anymore. But, knowing how to use what’s available can still make a difference. You can update your top friends list and keep your profile more organized this way.

Can You Change the Top 6 Friends on Facebook?

Many users often wonder, can you change the top 6 friends on Facebook? The answer lies in Facebook’s hidden algorithms. These algorithms choose top friends based on many factors. You can’t pick these friends yourself, but what you do on Facebook can affect who shows up.

Factors Affecting Friends Display

Facebook picks friends to show on your profile using various factors. These include:

  • Mutual connections, location, and interactions via third-party apps
  • Your recent chats, profile views, and pictures you’ve been tagged in with some friends
  • Your ongoing chats on Messenger
  • Liking, commenting, and posting on friends’ walls

Even though users can’t pick the top 6 friends directly, they can still influence who are their closest contacts. By using features like Acquaintances and Close Friends, users can manage their interaction circle. Adding friends to the Close Friends list can help them appear in the top friends list.

can you change the top 6 friends on Facebook

Using the Feature to Your Advantage

Facebook’s friend suggestions are mostly automated. But, users can still make their friends list reflect their social life by doing these:

  1. Like, comment, and tag friends in posts often to keep them at the forefront.
  2. Use Messenger to stay in regular touch with chosen friends.
  3. Set up lists like Close Friends to give certain friends priority.
  4. Manage privacy settings to pick who can see your friends list and interactions.

Knowing this, users can shape Facebook’s friend highlights based on their personal choices. This way, they can customize their Facebook friends list for their own benefit.


This article has shown you how to change the top 6 friends on your Facebook. It’s aimed to make Facebook’s friend layout more clear to you. You now know how to tweak your friends list on both old and new Facebook looks. And by using tools like subscriptions, you can adjust how your top friends show up. This can make your profile look better.

We’ve also covered how to reorder your friends list. This gives you more say in who the top 6 friends are. By knowing what affects who shows up – like how often you chat – you can pick your top friends smarter. It’s also key to share a mix of fun stuff and posts others like. This keeps your friends engaged, which is good for how well you do on social media.

Now that you’ve learned these tips, you’re ready to tweak your top 6 friends on Facebook. This way, you can showcase the friends that mean the most to you. Whether it’s reorganizing your friends list or working on privacy, you got this. Keeping your friends list fresh and checking it often will make sure your profile truly shows who you are and what you love.

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How can I change the top 6 friends on my Facebook profile?

Facebook usually picks the top friends on your profile for you. But, you can make certain friends show up more by interacting with them often. If you’re not using Facebook Timeline, you can also pick who shows up where through your profile’s “Friends” link.

What is the default friends layout on Facebook?

The default layout shows all your friends in a single column on Facebook. Facebook’s own rules decide who shows up first, looking at who you talk to most and how you’re connected.

Can I change the layout of my friends list on Facebook?

If you’re using Facebook in the classic way, you can change your friends list’s look. Head to the “Friends” link on your profile and use the layout buttons near the search bar. This allows you to see your friends in rows, with up to six friends in a row.

What steps should I follow to rearrange my friends on Facebook?

To change your friends’ order on Facebook, visit your profile page and click on “Friends.” Use the layout buttons to pick how you see them. You can also interact more with specific friends to boost where they show on your list.

Can I directly edit my top 6 friends on Facebook?

You can’t edit who your top 6 friends are directly since Facebook decides this. But, you can change their order by keeping close and interacting with them often.

What factors affect which friends are displayed on my profile?

Lots of things decide who shows up on your profile, such as how often you talk to each other, having friends in common, doing things together, and how much your friends and you use Facebook.

How can I use the friends display feature to my advantage on Facebook?

If you want friends to show up more, interact with them often. Like and comment on their posts, and chat with them. Facebook will likely show these friends higher up on your list.

Are there privacy settings related to my friends list on Facebook?

Yes, you can set who sees your friends on Facebook. Just go to your privacy settings and adjust the options there.
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