How to Rearrange Photos in a Facebook Post: Quick Way

how to rearrange photos on facebook post

Many Facebook users want to change the order of photos in their posts. This is to make a better story or to make the post more appealing. Normally, photos are shown in the order you upload them. But this may not be the best way to show your story or make your post look good. Tools like let you move your photos around. This way, you have more say in how you share your experiences online.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook allows users to reorder photos in a post after publishing the post.
  • Steps to rearrange photos in a Facebook post include uploading photos, clicking on the “Edit All” section, organizing the photos sequentially, and saving the new order.
  • Considerations when rearranging photos include the inability to add new photos during the reordering process, limits on editing posts, and the fact that edits may not be notified to all viewers.
  • Reasons for rearranging photo order include wanting the best photo to appear first for a thumbnail image, creating a cohesive narrative, emphasizing the main subject, improving context, and correcting mistakes in the photo upload order.
  • Other social media platforms that allow rearranging photo sequences include Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest, while TikTok does not offer this feature.

Why You Might Want to Rearrange Photos in a Facebook Post

Changing the order of photos on Facebook can make your post more interesting. It makes your story better and attracts people’s eyes. Your photos tell a story better when you put them in the right order.

Benefits of Rearranging Facebook Post Photos

When you redo your photo order, your story becomes sharper. It leads the viewer from one photo to the next smoothly. Key images in the right places draw attention to what matters most.

Creating a Visual Story

Reordering photos turns your post into a visual tale. Each photo leads to the next, creating a journey for your viewers. Placing important photos well can make your story stick in people’s minds. They might even want to share it.

Improved Engagement

Better photo arrangement can boost how people interact with your post. You might get more likes, comments, and shares. Also, Facebook could show your post more often. This means more people might see and like it.

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How to Rearrange Photos in a Facebook Post

Changing the way your Facebook photos are ordered can make your story clearer. It’s key for people and brands alike. Knowing how to move your photos can boost how many people interact with your posts.

Step-by-Step Guide on Facebook Platform

Facebook lets you switch up photo orders even after you’ve posted. Here’s how you do it:

  1. Log into your Facebook account and go to your profile or page.
  2. Find the post with the photos you want to shuffle, and select “Edit Post”.
  3. In the editing mode, click the photos to view them all. Then, drag your photos to where you want them in the sequence.
  4. Don’t forget to hit “Save” after arranging them the way you like.

how to rearrange photos on facebook post

However, you can’t change the order of photos in an ongoing ad. Also, moving around videos in a post isn’t possible on Facebook.

Using Third-Party Tools

If you want to make rearranging photos easier, consider third-party tools like Viralpep and Circleboom. They offer advanced features and AI. These let you manage photos and posts in bulk, making your content more organized and engaging. It’s great for businesses and people handling multiple accounts.

But, using these tools has its limits, like not being able to add new photos easily. If you run into problems, reaching out to Facebook’s support team is a good idea.

Getting good at changing photo orders on Facebook can help you connect more with your audience. It allows you to share your stories exactly as you want to.


Rearranging photos on Facebook posts lets users create their own stories visually. It also makes their posts more interesting to others. You can do this on Facebook directly or with tools like Viralpep and Circleboom. This feature helps make your photos match the story you’re telling.

By moving photos around, users get to pick how their pictures are seen. This helps make their posts look better and tell a clearer story. You can do this not just on Facebook, but also on Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, and both Facebook Pages and Groups. Just remember, you can’t change the order of photos or videos on TikTok once you post them.

Sometimes, changing the order of photos can be tricky. You might find that the editing tools aren’t working, or your changes don’t save. If this happens, try refreshing the page or reopen the editing window. Deleting and then adding the photos again may also help. But if nothing works, you might have to remove the post and upload it again. Even with these small issues, the ability to tweak the order of images on your Facebook posts is really useful. It gives everyone, from individuals to brands, a way to make their stories more engaging and their content more appealing.

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How do I rearrange photos in a Facebook post?

To change the order of your photos on Facebook, log in and find where you want to post. Click on “Create Post” and upload your photos. Then, choose “Edit All” to arrange your photos by dragging them.

Why should I rearrange my Facebook post photos?

By rearranging your photos, you create a more interesting story. This makes your post look better and more likely to be shared. It also makes it clearer and gets more people liking and commenting.

Can I change the order of photos in an existing Facebook post?

Facebook doesn’t let you change photo orders in posts that are already up. You’ll need to delete the post and upload your photos again in the right order.

What benefits do third-party tools offer for rearranging Facebook post photos?

Services like Viralpep and Circleboom offer useful tools for managing and editing posts. They have dashboards for scheduling, AI for creating posts, and features for handling lots of images at once. These are great for people with many accounts and those who want more from their posting experience.

How can I use third-party tools to reorganize photos on my Facebook post?

Start by signing up with Viralpep or Circleboom and connecting to Facebook. You can then easily rearrange your photos using their tools. They offer features like AI for captions, bulk image tools, and options for scheduling your posts.

Is rearranging photos during the post creation phase more effective?

Yes, it’s better to organize your photos before sharing your post. This way, you can tell your story well from the start. It helps your post look more put together and attractive to your readers.
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