Facebook Ads Active but not Delivering: Solutions

why is my facebook ad active but not delivering

Many marketers find it frustrating when Facebook ads are active but don’t reach people. This can happen for several reasons, like if an ad needs an update. The solution might involve changing settings, selecting different posts, or ensuring the ad follows Facebook’s rules. Knowing how to handle these issues is key to making sure your ads work well on Facebook.

Key Takeaways

  • Most ads are reviewed within 24 hours, but remember, during holidays, it could take longer.
  • Ensure your target audience has more than 1,000 users for better ad delivery.
  • Ads with higher engagement are more likely to be delivered by Facebook.
  • Ad quality is evaluated compared to competitors targeting the same audience.
  • Setting a daily budget as low as $3 may result in ad non-delivery.
  • Any changes in ad creatives, audience targeting, optimization, or billing events require a re-review by Facebook.

Understanding Facebook Ad Delivery Issues

Running a Facebook ad campaign might sometimes lead to ads not being seen by the target audience. This can be very frustrating. These issues often show up in the Delivery column of Facebook Ads Manager. Let’s look deeper into what “Facebook ads not delivering” really means. We will also check out some common signs that show there’s an issue with ad delivery.

What Does “Facebook Ads Not Delivering” Mean?

“Facebook ads not delivering” means your ad isn’t reaching the people you aimed it at. This could be due to various reasons like technical problems, content that isn’t approved, or not reaching Facebook’s audience size minimum of 1,000 users. It’s important to understand these reasons. This understanding will help you deliver ads better, reaching more people.

Common Indicators of Ad Delivery Problems

Active ads might still not reach people for these reasons:

  • Rejected Ads: If Facebook’s review process finds issues like grammar mistakes, adult content, or illegal products, your ad might get rejected. Make sure your ads follow Facebook’s rules to avoid this.
  • Target Audience Issues: If your target audience is too narrow, ad delivery might be restricted. Make sure your target audience is broad enough to meet Facebook’s standards.
  • Account Spending Limits: Check your account spending limits in the billing section of Ads Manager. Make any needed adjustments to keep your ads running.
  • Ad Relevance: The quality and engagement levels of your ad are used by Facebook to see how relevant it is. If this is low, it might reduce your ad’s reach.

Being aware of these issues helps you quit them before they become major problems. By understanding and dealing with these issues, you can make sure your ads perform better. This leads to more success with your ad campaigns.

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Troubleshooting Facebook Ad Issues

When you face issues with your Facebook ads, start by looking at what might limit their reach. There are steps you can take to make sure your ads work well. This includes looking into different factors. Doing so can help your ads do better.

facebook ad issues

Check Ad Review and Approval Status

Every Facebook ad must go through a review. This usually takes one day but could be longer during holidays, up to two days. Ads might not get approved if they break the rules, like using bad language, discriminating, or selling illegal stuff. If your ad is rejected, you can fix it and resubmit for another review if you think it’s a mistake.

Ensure Budget and Bidding Settings Are Adequate

One issue could be that your budget is too tight. It’s recommended to start with a daily budget that’s 1/3 of your average cost per action. If you can, use a lifetime budget for better ad delivery. Also, if you hit your spending limit, ads will pause until it’s reset.

Expand Target Audience

A small target audience can stop your ads from working well. You need at least 1,000 people in your target audience for your ads to do well. Having audiences that overlap makes your ads compete against themselves, making delivery less effective. Tweaking your audience size can help your ads perform better and reach more people.

Verify Post Availability and Permissions

Your ad’s success can also depend on whether the post you’re promoting is available and visible. Make sure your promoted posts are active and easy to see. Keep permissions updated to avoid issues that might block your ads from reaching people.

By looking into these areas, you can solve many facebook ad issues. Following these steps can make ad delivery smoother for your Facebook campaigns. This advice helps increase your ads’ reach and effectiveness.

Why is My Facebook Ad Active but not Delivering?

If you’ve been asking why is my facebook ad active but not delivering, many others are too. It’s a common challenge. Yet, knowing the main reasons can make it easier to solve.

Identify High Auction Overlap

High auction overlap is a big issue. It happens when lots of ads try to reach the same people. This makes your ads compete against each other. Use Facebook’s Audience Overlap tool to spot this. You should then change your ads to reduce this competition.

Monitor Ad Engagement Levels

Checking your ad engagement levels is crucial. USe Facebook’s ad diagnostics to see how your ad is doing. If it’s ranked low for quality or engagement, it might show up less. Make your content better to boost your rank and reach more people.

Review Account Spending Limits

Finally, check your account spending limits. If you have a cap on how much you can spend, your ad might stop suddenly. Changing or deleting this limit can get your ad back on track. Understand these details to clear up the why is my facebook ad active but not delivering confusion.

To make your ad more successful, deal with competition, watch your ad reach, and keep spending limits in mind.


Knowing why Facebook ads might not be working well helps a lot. For instance, a small issue like having too narrow of a target audience can sabotage your efforts. Also, Facebook uses five icons to show how your ads are doing, which marketers should keep an eye on. This information can make all the difference in how you manage your ad campaigns.

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To troubleshoot, you must ensure your ads are approved, which could take a day. It’s also crucial to make sure your ads are out of the learning phase, needing 50 successful events. Try to have at least 50 conversions weekly for top results. Ads with minimal text on images cost less and reach more people, making them more efficient.

Watch the ad relevance diagnostics on Facebook to know how your ads rank in quality and engagement. Moving your ranking from low to average can really improve your ad’s reach. Make regular changes based on these metrics. Also, clever budgeting and broadening your target audience can keep your ads successful in reaching who you want.


What Does "Facebook Ads Not Delivering" Mean?

When Facebook ads don’t deliver, they are running but not reaching the intended people. This leads to zero viewings. The issue appears in the Delivery column in Facebook Ads Manager.

What are Common Indicators of Ad Delivery Problems?

Some clear signs are an ‘Not delivering’ status, post unavailability, permission problems, content issues, and unapproved ads.

How Can I Check Ad Review and Approval Status?

You should look at the review status in Facebook Ads Manager. Ads may take 24 hours or more to get approved. If rejected, change it to follow Facebook’s rules or appeal.

How Do I Ensure Budget and Bidding Settings Are Adequate?

Make sure your budget and bids are competitive. This prevents ads from reaching too few people. Even small changes can improve delivery a lot.

How Can I Expand My Target Audience?

To reach more people, extend your target audience. You can do this by changing the targeting settings in Ads Manager to a wider range.

How Do I Verify Post Availability and Permissions?

Make sure the ad’s post is public and the permissions are right. This lets the audience see the ad without any issues.

What is High Auction Overlap and How Can I Identify It?

High auction overlap is when several ads compete for the same people. To see this, use Facebook’s Audience Overlap tool. This helps in fixing the issue.

How Important is Monitoring Ad Engagement Levels?

Watching ad engagement is vital to prevent your ads from showing up rarely. Use Facebook’s ad relevance tools to check engagement and improve as necessary.

How Can I Review Account Spending Limits?

To check your spending limit, look into the ad account settings. Make sure the limit isn’t stopping your ads. Adjust the limit if needed.
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