does mark as unread remove seen facebook

Does Marking Facebook Messages Unread Remove ‘Seen’?

Facebook offers a convenient feature that allows users to mark their messages as unread. This feature can be helpful for managing your Facebook messages and organizing your inbox. However, it’s important to clarify that marking a message as unread does not remove the ‘seen’ status or retract the read receipt. When you mark a message…

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how to recover deleted facebook page

How to Restore Your Deleted Facebook Business Page

Accidentally deleted your Facebook page? Don’t worry! I’ll guide you on how to recover deleted Facebook page and restore your online presence. Facebook provides an option to restore a deleted Facebook Business Manager account within 24 hours of deletion. To restore a deleted Facebook Business Manager account, simply go to, choose the business account…

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how to find old notifications on facebook

Locating Past Notifications on Your Facebook Account

Navigating through Facebook’s notification system can sometimes be challenging, but it’s important to know how to find old notifications on your account. These notifications serve as a digital trail of your interactions and can be useful for keeping track of missed events, documenting activity, and taking advantage of networking opportunities. By following a few simple…

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