Can You Delete Reviews on Facebook? Here’s How

can you delete reviews on facebook

Facebook is now a big deal for business owners, thanks to customer feedback. Surveys show 90% of people check reviews before they go to a business. And 84% think online reviews are just as trustworthy as tips from friends. This makes Facebook reviews super important for a business’s image.

But what if someone posts a fake or mean review on your Facebook page? You can’t just zap it away. However, you do have options to handle this issue well. You can get Facebook to look at the review by flagging it. Or, you could hide all reviews. Another smart move is to respond nicely. This can often change a bad review into a good experience.

Key Takeaways

  • 90% of consumers read reviews before visiting a business.
  • 84% of people trust online reviews as much as personal recommendations.
  • Business owners can’t directly delete individual reviews but can flag them for Facebook moderation.
  • Disabling reviews can hide all reviews, but won’t delete them permanently.
  • Engaging positively with negative reviews can improve customer experience and business reputation.

Understanding Facebook Reviews and Their Impact

Facebook reviews are key for businesses. They sway what people think and their buying choices. Since so many folks read and trust these reviews, handling them right is a big deal.

What Are Facebook Reviews?

They are what users write on a company’s Facebook to share their views. These comments and stories help others learn about the service or product. They really shape how people see a business.

The Importance of Facebook Reviews for Your Business

Good reviews on Facebook can boost your brand’s image and trust with the public. But, bad ones can really hurt how people see your company. Since Facebook hosts many reviews, it has a big impact on your online standing.

Deleting these comments isn’t an option. But, you can manage them wisely. This means asking Facebook to check if some are wrong, turning off reviews, and most importantly, responding well to upset customers’ messages.

Dealing with Negative Reviews

Here’s a few tips for dealing with negative feedback on Facebook:

  • Responding promptly: Quick action shows you care and are ready to fix any problems.
  • Apologizing: Saying sorry can smooth things over and express your care for customers’
  • Taking the issue offline: Suggest settling issues in private to avoid making a scene.
  • Retaining resolved negative reviews: Leaving these up shows you work hard to make things right.
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Spotting and reporting fake bad reviews is important. Check their purchase history to see if they’re real. And always flag hateful or spam comments so Facebook can check them.

Handling reviews the right way on Facebook is a good move for any business. It doesn’t only help keep customers happy but betters your online image on Facebook.

Can You Delete Reviews on Facebook?

Controlling Facebook reviews is key for businesses. Ninety percent of people check reviews before going to a business. And eighty-four percent trust online reviews as they would a friend’s advice. Though you can’t erase customer reviews on social media, you can manage them smartly.

delete customer reviews on social media

How to Report a Fake Facebook Review

Spot a review that’s not real? You can ask to have it taken down. To report a fake review, pick it, then choose ‘Report post.’ Wait for Facebook to check it. Facebook’s team looks at these reports to see if they break the rules.

Turning Off Facebook Reviews Completely

Too many bad or fake reviews? You can turn them off completely. By turning off ‘Show Reviews,’ you stop new ones and hide old ones. But, having no reviews might make people think twice about your business.

Most want to see a mix of both good and bad reviews for trust. Deleting them all could make your business seem untrustworthy.

Should You Remove or Respond to Negative Reviews?

Deciding to delete a bad review or answer it is tough. Handling reviews on Facebook by talking back might work better. Talking nicely with unhappy customers can turn their frown upside down. It shows you care a lot about great service.

Also, making unhappy customers happy can turn them into fans. So, it’s a good idea for businesses to think hard about how to deal with reviews. It affects how people see them a lot.


Today, it’s crucial for businesses to manage their online reputation, especially on Facebook. Something as small as a one-star rating can really affect how people see a business. So, handling star ratings well is just the start. Businesses must also engage with customers and respond to feedback wisely on Facebook.

You can’t delete reviews directly on Facebook. But, you can report reviews that go against Community Standards. These include threats, hate speech, or fake news. Facebook usually acts on such reports within a few days. However, some fake reviews might not be taken down. This could lead businesses to think about turning off reviews.

Dealing with negative reviews in a calm, professional way can turn unhappy customers into fans. It’s shown that the right response can even change the mind of someone who left a bad review. It’s key to watch out for fake reviews by looking at things like poor writing, no profile pictures, or unrealistic ratings. Properly handling such reviews can protect a business’s image and show they care about their customers.

How a business manages its reviews can greatly impact its online image and influence customers. For more information on deleting Facebook reviews, check out some articles. Being active and responsive online is vital. It helps build trust and keeps customers engaged, leading to long-term success in the digital marketplace.

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Can you delete reviews on Facebook?

No, business owners can’t delete individual Facebook reviews. They can, however, report such reviews. Or, they may choose to turn off the review feature.

How can I report a fake Facebook review?

To report a review as fake, click on ‘report post’ after selecting it. Then, follow Facebook’s instructions. They will check if it goes against their rules.

Should I turn off Facebook reviews completely?

You can turn off reviews if you’re dealing with a lot of fake or bad ones. But remember, this also stops good reviews from showing up. Think about it before deciding.

What are Facebook reviews?

Facebook reviews are comments that customers leave on a business’s page. They talk about their feelings towards the company’s items or services.

Why are Facebook reviews important for my business?

These reviews really affect your company’s image. Good ones boost trust and your online image. Bad ones point out places to fix and might turn away new clients.

How should I deal with negative reviews on Facebook?

Deal with bad reviews by being professional and helpful. Address the issue and offer a fix. This can turn unhappy clients around and shows you care about your service.

How can I improve my online reputation on Facebook?

Give great service and ask happy clients for reviews. Also, handle any bad feedback wisely. This can boost your online standing.

Can responding to reviews help manage my business’s reputation?

Yes, answering reviews, good or bad, shows your interest in what clients say. This focuses on improving your service, which can make people think better of your brand. It can also help with customer loyalty.

Is it better to remove or respond to negative reviews?

You can’t directly remove reviews. So, replying in a caring way to negative ones is wise. It can fix client issues and show your business in a good light.
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