How to Disable Reviews on Your Facebook Business Page

how to turn off reviews on facebook page

Managing your Facebook reputation is key. With 90 million business pages and 140 million businesses on Facebook, it’s vital. Knowing how to disable reviews on your page is crucial. If your reviews don’t meet Facebook Community Standards, they may get removed.

Turning off Facebook page reviews can help shape your story online. Reviews on Facebook are important for SEO ranking. So, disabling them needs careful thought.

Key Takeaways

  • There are 90 million business pages on Facebook.
  • 140 million businesses use Facebook for promotion.
  • Facebook reviews contribute 9.8% to SEO ranking factors.
  • Responding to negative reviews can positively impact business credibility.
  • Customers value reading authentic customer reviews for transparency.

Understanding the Impact of Facebook Reviews

In our digital world, Facebook reviews greatly affect small businesses. They help boost sales, trust, and local SEO. With Facebook holding 19% of customer reviews and many people checking local Pages often, these reviews are key.

Why Facebook Reviews Are Important to Small Businesses

Facebook reviews are a big deal for how customers see your business. Since 55% of people look on Facebook first for new stuff, reviews help share feelings. Plus, if someone had a good or bad time, they’re likely to tell the tale and affect others’ choices.
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How Negative Reviews Can Affect Your Business

Bad reviews have a real effect. It’s crucial for businesses to handle them well to lessen the harm. Not replying can lower trust and turn others away. Since over half expect a reply in a week, and many might pick a business if it reacts well to criticism, it’s vital to answer.

One can hide or delete bad reviews. Or, just turning off reviews might be good sometimes. Each case is unique, but taking action is important.

The Role of Reviews in Local SEO

Reviews are also key for showing up in local searches. They make up about 9.8% of what helps you be found online. For small enterprises on Facebook, carefully managing reviews, even if that means hiding or deleting some, can help a lot.

Knowing how to handle your Facebook business reviews is vital these days. It affects your online presence and trust with customers.
Find out more about managing Facebook reviews here.

Steps for How to Turn Off Reviews on Facebook Page

With 90 million business pages, managing Facebook reviews matters. These steps help stop reviews on your business page. You’ll have better control of your online image.

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Navigate to Your Facebook Business Page

To start, visit your Facebook Business Page. This is the first step to turn off reviews.

Accessing Page Settings

Once there, find the Settings. It’s usually at the top right. Click on it to move forward.

Disabling the Reviews Tab

Next, choose Templates and Tabs in the Settings. You’ll see all your page’s tabs. Switch the Reviews tab to off.

This is key to make your page’s reviews hidden. People won’t see them anymore.

Verifying That Reviews Are Turned Off

Lastly, check if the Reviews tab is gone. Go back to your main page view. If it’s not there, you’ve turned off reviews successfully.

Stop Reviews on Facebook Page

Turning off reviews is important for businesses wanting to control their online image. This way, you manage your presence while still letting customers give feedback.

Alternatives to Disabling Facebook Reviews

Businesses can manage Facebook reviews to boost their presence. They can engage positively with reviews to improve their appeal. This also helps in growing their reputation. Reviews are key in influencing people and local search rankings on Facebook.

managing facebook page reviews

Managing and Responding to Reviews

Engaging with Facebook reviews is a good strategy. It includes responding to feedback, both good and bad, professionally. This shows a commitment to customer satisfaction. It can turn a negative situation into a positive one. Such actions can build trust and the appeal of a business.

Reporting Fake or Inappropriate Reviews

Not all reviews on Facebook are real; some are fake. It’s important to report these false reviews using Facebook’s tools. Doing so aligns with Facebook’s rules and helps keep the review system honest. This ensures that real feedback gets the spotlight it deserves.

Encouraging Positive Reviews from Satisfied Customers

Encouraging customers to leave positive feedback can help a lot. It can balance out negative reviews and improve a business’s reputation. Posting positive Facebook reviews on the website can attract more customers. This also shows the happiness of existing customers.

Focusing on positive reviews and managing negative ones is key. It helps businesses keep their online reputation healthy. This way, they show a true picture of their services. Keeping reviews positive ensures continuous growth for the business.


Deciding on turning off reviews for your Facebook page needs careful thought. With so many businesses active on Facebook, reviews can hugely affect how you show up in searches. They make up a big part of what search engines look at when ranking your site.

Handling customer feedback wisely is key. By tackling negative reviews well, you can boost how your business is seen. Reporting fake reviews can also help keep your page clean.

Still, turning off reviews might seem like a shortcut. But, remember it might not support your long-term digital plans. Make the most of positive experiences to encourage good feedback. This can create a positive image that beats any negative reviews.

Sharing Facebook reviews on your website, or adding Google reviews to Facebook, can also improve your reputation. So, use reviews wisely to show the best of your business online.


How to turn off reviews on Facebook page?

To turn off reviews on Facebook, go to your Business Page. Click on “Page Settings” and then “Templates and Tabs.” From there, turn off the Reviews Tab. This hides reviews but keeps the ones already there.

Why are Facebook reviews important to small businesses?

Facebook reviews help small businesses in several ways. They increase trust and improve customer interaction. Also, they play a big role in local SEO, affecting about 9.8% of your SEO ranking.

How do negative reviews affect your business?

Negative reviews can hurt your business by lowering its reputation. They can also turn potential customers away. Yet, by responding to them well, you can lessen their impact and show great customer care.

What is the role of Facebook reviews in local SEO?

Facebook reviews significantly affect local SEO. They account for about 9.8% of the factors that determine your SEO ranking. More positive reviews and active engagement can help your business be seen more in local searches.

How do you disable reviews on Facebook Business pages?

To disable reviews on your Facebook Business page, visit your page’s setting. Then, go to “Templates and Tabs” and turn off the Reviews Tab. This will make the reviews section invisible to the public.

How do you verify that reviews have been turned off?

To check if you’ve turned off reviews, look at your Facebook Business Page. Make sure the Reviews Tab is no longer there for the public to see.

What are some alternatives to disabling Facebook reviews?

If you don’t want to turn off reviews, you can manage and respond to them. You can also report any fake or inappropriate reviews. Additionally, encourage happy customers to leave good feedback. This keeps your online image strong.

How can you manage and respond to reviews effectively?

To handle reviews well, respond quickly and professionally, especially to negative ones. Talk to your customers, understand their concerns, and solve issues. This can change bad reviews into good ones and boost your business’s reputation.

How do you report fake or inappropriate reviews on Facebook?

If you spot a fake or inappropriate review on Facebook, click the three dots next to it. Select ‘Find support or report recommendation.’ Follow the steps to report the review to Facebook for review.

How can you encourage positive reviews from satisfied customers?

To get more good reviews, ask happy customers to leave feedback directly on your Facebook page. You can also offer them special deals. Making the review section easy to find on your page will help too.
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