How to Check If Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook

how to tell if someone unfollowed you on facebook

Did you know Facebook has more users daily than TikTok and Twitter combined? So, keeping an eye on your friends list, including who unfollowed you, is pretty common. Facebook doesn’t send a notification if someone stops following you. You can always check your followers’ list to see if you’re missing anyone.

If you’re looking for a simpler way, try browser extensions like “Who Deleted Me”. But, be careful, not all users love it. There can be mixed opinions about it in places like the Chrome Web Store. Remember, tracking manually or using automated tools is up to you. Each has its own pros and cons. Plus, not all actions on Facebook are the same, like unfriending or blocking.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook has over 2 billion daily active users, making personal connection monitoring important.
  • Manual methods to check followers’ tabs can help detect potential unfollows.
  • Browser extensions like “Who Deleted Me” provide automated checking but come with mixed reviews.
  • Reasons for unfollowing on Facebook include disinterest in content and decluttering news feeds.
  • Prevent unfollows by posting high-quality, engaging content, engaging with your audience, and using relevant hashtags.

How to Tell If Someone Unfollowed You on Facebook

Facebook is used by people all around the world, making it key to watch our connections. Let’s see how to find out if someone has stopped following you on Facebook.

Manual Methods to Detect Unfollowers

To spot Facebook unfollowers, just look at your ‘Followers’ list. If someone you think was following you is missing, they might have unfollowed. But, remember, they might have also just disabled their account.

According to Michael Vaughan, you can tell if someone unfollowed by checking your ‘Friends’ and ‘Followers’ lists. Just see if they’re still your friend but not following you. If their profile is gone from your ‘Friends’ list, it means they might have unfriended or blocked you.

Using Browser Extensions

For an easier way, browser extensions like “Who Deleted Me” do the work for you. Despite mixed reviews, this tool is known for its help. It tells you if someone has unfollowed or unfriended you on Facebook. Plus, it can tell who deactivated their account.

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Keep in mind that using “Who Deleted Me” means sharing your friend list with a third-party. So, think about the privacy concerns carefully before you use it.

There’s no built-in way in Facebook to know if someone unfollows or unfriends you. That’s why these manual checks and tools like facebook friend tracker are great. They help keep up the interaction with your friends.

Why People Unfollow Others on Facebook

Many people unfollow others on Facebook to customize their feed. It’s helpful to know the common reasons for unfollowing. This knowledge can help improve online friendships.

common reasons for unfollowing

Common Reasons for Unfollowing

People unfollow others on Facebook for several reasons. Roughly 45% dislike seeing political posts or arguments. They want their feed to be peaceful.

Some unfollow because they’re no longer interested in the posts. Others do it to clean up their feed or avoid certain people. Too many posts, or bad online manners, can also push people to unfollow.

What to Do If Someone Unfollows You

Discovering you’ve been unfollowed can feel bad. But, it’s a chance to think about your online behavior. Try not to take it personally; it’s likely a choice about what content they want to see.

Look at why they might have unfollowed. Maybe it’s because your posts are too frequent or not relevant. You can improve by changing how and what you post.

Talking with the person might help you understand their choice. Making better posts that people enjoy can grow your followers. Be real, mix up your content, maybe do some contests, and be patient. This can help keep your followers happy.


Finding out someone unfollowed you on Facebook may feel bad, but it’s common with social media. Facebook has over 2 billion daily users and about 3 billion monthly users. So, who interacts with you might change often.

Methods like checking manually or using browser extensions can show you who has unfollowed. However, the key is to understand why people unfollow. Facebook doesn’t give a direct notification when this happens, making it a bit tough to keep track of friends.

To lessen the blow of someone unfollowing, focus on your posts and how you connect with your audience. Regularly sharing high-quality, real content could win more followers. Engage with the people who follow you, use the right hashtags, and mix up your content to keep things interesting.

Using tools such as Circleboom or other options can help you spot unfollowers. They offer various ways to improve your social media game and find who has dropped off your friends list.

Remember, social media is always changing. It’s crucial to have limits, respect privacy, and aim for authentic connections. By creating content that matters and building real engagement, you’re likely to have a strong, positive social media presence.


How can I tell if someone unfollowed me on Facebook?

To see if someone unfollowed you, check the ‘Followers’ tab on your profile. If they’re not there but are still listed as a friend, they likely unfollowed. You can use browser extensions like Who Deleted Me to help keep track.

Are there automated tools to detect Facebook unfollowers?

Sure, “Who Deleted Me” and similar tools can watch your friends’ list for changes. Remember, using third-party apps comes with privacy risks. Be careful.

Why might someone decide to unfollow me on Facebook?

People might unfollow you on Facebook for several reasons. They could be tired of your content, or want a cleaner news feed. It’s usually not about you personally but about what they want to see online.

What should I do if someone unfollows me on Facebook?

If someone unfollows you, don’t worry too much. Think about what you post and its value. Try to enhance your content and connect with your audience. This may help you keep your followers.

Can browser extensions like "Who Deleted Me" really help track Facebook followers?

Yes. Extensions like “Who Deleted Me” compare your friends’ lists to spot changes. But, remember, they might not always be perfect. Some people talk about mixed results, so watch out for your privacy.

Is there a difference between unfollowing and unfriending on Facebook?

Definitely. When you unfollow, the person won’t see your posts anymore, but you’re still friends. Unfriending takes you off each other’s friends list completely.

Can deactivated or blocked accounts affect tracking of unfollowers?

Yes. Since you can’t see deactivated or blocked accounts, it may look like they unfollowed or unfriended you

How can I improve my Facebook content to minimize unfollows?

Focus on posting content that’s top-notch, relevant, and interesting. Actively interacting and staying true to yourself also helps. This way, you’re more likely to keep your followers happy.

Are there tools other than browser extensions to manage my social media presence?

Absolutely. Services like Circleboom can help you handle your social media on different platforms. They’re great for maintaining a strong online presence.
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