How to Disable Highlights on Facebook: A Quick Guide

how to turn off highlights on facebook

Facebook is a place where people share and connect. But, many find the highlights feature annoying. This feature alerts you about certain activities, like when someone uses the word ‘highlights’ in a comment. It can fill your inbox quickly and upset you. To stop these notifications, you just need to go to Facebook’s Settings. Then, find the Notifications and Tags settings to turn things off. Doing this will make your Facebook time more relaxing without so many notifications.

On October 24, 2009, Facebook got rid of its highlights area. They put that content in the newsfeed instead. Still, some people don’t want to see everything in their feed, like new groups joined or likes from friends. This is why customization options are important. They allow users to control what they see on their Facebook feed better.

Key Takeaways

  • Access Facebook’s ‘Settings and Privacy’ to start the process of removing highlighted posts on Facebook.
  • Navigating to ‘Notifications’ and tweaking the ‘Tags’ settings can stop the barrage of highlight notifications.
  • The highlights feature often frustrates users by flooding friends’ inboxes with unnecessary alerts.
  • The Facebook Fixer script provides an alternative method for eliminating highlights on browsers like Firefox and Google Chrome.
  • Customization options in scripts like Facebook Fixer can help tailor the Facebook experience to user preferences.

For those who want to dive deeper into how to use the Facebook Fixer script, this guide will help. Also, if you’re having trouble with a Chrome add-on, you might want to try the Chrome Channel Changer. It can make things work better.

Why You Might Want to Disable Highlights

Facebook added the highlights feature to get people more interested. But, many now find it annoying. It was meant to show important posts, but now people feel it’s like spam. This is because they get these notifications too often, even for things they don’t care about.

Annoying Notifications

Many Facebook users are turning off highlights because they’re so often seeing notifications. Imagine getting alerts for posts that don’t really relate to you. So, people are looking for ways to stop these notifications. They’re trying to make their digital world less noisy.

Disrupted Newsfeeds

When highlights mix with Facebook’s news feed, the feed loses its focus. This messes up the user’s ability to get to the content they really want to see. Thus, many are trying to remove the top stories on Facebook. Without these distractions, it’s easier to keep up with what actually interests you. Removing these distractions helps people enjoy Facebook more.

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How to Turn Off Highlights on Facebook

Turning off Facebook’s highlight notifications makes using the platform better. To do this, you need to tweak your facebook highlights settings. Here’s a simple guide to help you.

Access Settings and Privacy

Start by going to ‘Settings and Privacy.’ This part is all about how you protect yourself and choose what you see. Find the ‘Notifications’ option. Here, you can adjust your notification preferences.

Update Notification Settings

Next, go to ‘Tags’ in the Notifications part. You’ll see the ‘Bulk mentions’ option there. This setting lets you know when someone uses @everyone or @highlights. To<b disable featured highlights on facebook, follow these steps:

  • Navigate to ‘Settings and Privacy’
  • Click ‘Notifications’
  • Select ‘Tags’
  • Switch off the ‘Bulk mentions’ toggle
  • Save your settings

facebook highlights settings

By doing this, the facebook highlights settings will be less overwhelming. You’ll be able to pay more attention to what matters to you.

Alternative Methods to Disable Facebook Highlights

Are you looking for a way to better control your Facebook? Third-party tools, like Facebook Fixer, provide great options. It was first created when Facebook changed its look on 10/24/09. This tool lets people decide what they see on their feed, so they can avoid things they don’t want to see. Let’s explore how this works on Firefox and Google Chrome.

Using Facebook Fixer on Firefox

To start with Facebook Fixer on Firefox, you need to get an add-on called Greasemonkey. Greasemonkey helps run user scripts, which are key to Facebook Fixer. Once you have Greasemonkey, you can get the Facebook Fixer script. Below are the steps to set it up:

  • Install the Greasemonkey add-on from the Firefox Add-ons website.
  • Download the Facebook Fixer script from a trusted source.
  • Enable the script through Greasemonkey, allowing customization of Facebook’s interface.

With Facebook Fixer, Firefox users can change their feed settings, stopping unwanted highlights. The script updates itself, making sure it always works well.

Using Facebook Fixer on Google Chrome

Setting up Facebook Fixer on Google Chrome is a bit more complicated but effective. You have to allow user scripts in the browser and then add the Facebook Fixer script. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Enable user scripts by accessing Chrome’s settings and enabling developer mode.
  2. Download the Facebook Fixer script from a reliable source.
  3. Place the script in the designated folder and activate it within the browser.

Even though it takes more effort, this method grants strong control over feed content. It also can make browsing faster. Note, though, the Chrome version of the script is still improving with updates.


Learning to turn off highlights on Facebook is key in today’s world. It lets you control your social media use. With tweaks in settings and tools like Facebook Fixer, you can avoid constant pop-ups and clutter. These changes give you a lot of power over your Facebook time.

The article has also talked about managing old stories. This includes both on phones and on the computer. It explains how to see a friend’s old stories and save posts. Businesses can use these tips to engage better with their audience by learning about likes, comments, and shares.

Even after 24 hours, you can still learn how your Stories did. Thanks to Facebook Insights, you get info on who saw your Stories and how they interacted. This can help you make your Facebook time more enjoyable and meaningful.

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How can I disable highlights on Facebook?

Go to ‘Settings and Privacy’ to turn off highlights. Select ‘Notifications’ and then click ‘Tags’. You can stop getting batch mention notifications there.This change will help clear highlighted posts from your feed.

Why should I disable Facebook highlights?

Turning off highlights cuts down on random notifications and feed clutter. This makes your feed more about what you really want, improving your time on Facebook.

Where do I change the Facebook highlights settings?

Change your Facebook highlights by visiting ‘Settings and Privacy’. You can tweak your notification and tag settings there to control what you see.

How can I stop Facebook highlights notifications?

To end highlight notifications, visit your ‘Settings and Privacy’. Click on ‘Notifications’ and then ‘Tags’. Turn off bulk mentions to avoid too many alerts.This step will keep your notifications free from irrelevant highlights.

What is the effect of disabling featured highlights on Facebook?

Disabling highlights gives you a more peaceful online experience. It reduces distractions and keeps your feed focused on what matters to you. This makes social media more enjoyable for you.

Can I turn off top stories on Facebook?

You can’t turn off top stories completely. But, you can make recent posts a priority. Choose the ‘Most Recent’ option in your news feed settings. This will limit the content Facebook tries to highlight.

Are there third-party solutions to remove highlighted posts on Facebook?

Yes, tools like Facebook Fixer can take out highlighted posts. It’s a browser add-on that gives you more control over your Facebook. You can get it for Firefox and Google Chrome.

How do I use Facebook Fixer on Firefox?

In Firefox, first, add Greasemonkey. Then, install Facebook Fixer’s script. With it, you gain more options to tweak your Facebook feed as you like.

How do I install Facebook Fixer on Google Chrome?

To use Facebook Fixer with Chrome, enable user scripts. Then, put the Facebook Fixer script in a certain folder. It’s a bit more complex but offers detailed Facebook customization.
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