How to Stop Auto-Play Videos on Facebook: Easy Steps

how to turn off auto play on facebook

Auto-play videos on Facebook can surprise you and mess up your flow. They start without you clicking, offering content you might like. But they also show things like violence and offensive stuff. Plus, they use up a lot of your data and battery.

To stop these videos, you need to change settings on each of your devices. Facebook doesn’t do this automatically across all your gadgets. You should tweak your settings on your browser, iPhone, and Android phone. Want to know how? Read this useful guide on The Verge.

Key Takeaways

  • Auto-play videos on Facebook can be disruptive and consume significant data and battery life.
  • Users need to make setting adjustments separately on each device as preferences do not auto-synchronize.
  • On the browser, access “Settings & Privacy” and then “Videos” to deactivate auto-play.
  • On the iOS app, navigate through “Settings & Privacy,” “Media and Contacts,” and then “Autoplay.”
  • On the Android app, follow the same steps as on the iOS app to turn off video auto-play.

Why You Should Disable Auto-Play Videos on Facebook

Turning off auto-play videos on Facebook makes for a better online time. This step helps you reduce data consumption on Facebook, keep personal info safe, and stop surprise videos from popping up.

Data Usage and Battery Life

Auto-playing videos on Facebook eat up your data and phone battery. They start by themselves as you scroll, using up your precious data. If you have a small data plan or a weak connection, it can be a big issue. Disabling auto-play videos on Facebook helps you reduce data consumption. It also makes sure your phone’s battery lasts longer, saving you from those annoying video interruptions.

Exposure to Unwanted Content

Finding upsetting or not okay videos on your Facebook can spoil your day. Sometimes these videos can be shocking. By turning the auto-play option off, you get the chance to see what’s coming up. This lets you keep unwanted stuff away and makes using Facebook more pleasant and secure.

Embarrassment in Public Places

Picture being in a quiet spot or at a meeting, and a loud video suddenly plays on your Facebook page. It can be really embarrassing. With auto-play off, you avoid these moments. It means you can quietly check your feed without anyone noticing. It’s a smart way to be polite in public.

By shutting off auto-play on Facebook, you take charge of your online experience. You cut down on data and battery use, dodge bad content, and sidestep awkward moments. These tweaks greatly enhance how you use social media.

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How to Turn Off Auto Play on Facebook

To make Facebook more fun and less annoying, turning off video auto-play is smart. When videos start on their own as you scroll your feed, it can be quite a lot to handle. Luckily, there are easy ways to fix this.

how to stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook

Facebook lets you turn off auto-play videos easily. This helps save data and keeps what you watch private.

Using Facebook on a Browser

Turning off auto-play on a browser is a breeze, just follow these steps:

  1. Open Facebook and click on Settings & Privacy.
  2. Next, find and click on the Videos tab.
  3. Switch the auto-play feature to off.

Doing this can help your computer use less energy. It can also save your data.

Using the Facebook iOS App

On the iPhone or iPad, stopping auto-play is straightforward:

  1. Launch the Facebook app and tap the menu in the bottom right.
  2. Hit Settings & Privacy, then choose Media and Contacts.
  3. Under Autoplay, pick Never Autoplay Videos.

Now, videos won’t play unless you want them to. This saves you from unwanted internet and content.

Using the Facebook Android App

Android users can stop video auto-play pretty easily too:

  1. Start by opening the Facebook app and tapping the menu.
  2. Then, find Settings & Privacy and Media and Contacts.
  3. Under Autoplay, set it to Never Autoplay Videos.

Now you decide when to watch videos. This can reduce your monthly mobile data use by up to 20%.

By tweaking your facebook video auto-play settings on all devices, you’re set for a better social media time. So, can you turn off auto-play on Facebook videos? Yes, and here is how you do it.

Additional Tips for Better Facebook Experience

Improving your time on Facebook is more than just turning off video auto-play. You can make Facebook perfect for you by using the settings smartly.

Manage Media and Contacts Settings

Go to your Media and Contacts Settings to tailor your media experience. You can set how videos, photos, and contacts are used. This helps save your data and battery life.

  • Toggle autoplay settings based on your internet connection.
  • Configure media preferences for optimal data usage.

Customize Notification Settings

Customizing your notification settings makes Facebook personal for you. Choose what updates you get and how often. You can focus on the updates you care about, whether it’s from friends or groups.

Users can control app notifications by adjusting settings in the Facebook app, choosing what information apps can access and whether they can send notifications.

Utilize “Quiet Mode”

“Quiet Mode” is great for blocking out distractions. Turn off notifications and mute alerts for a more focused experience. You can set this for certain times that work for you.

Remember, these tips, along with turning off video auto-play, can make your Facebook experience better. You’ll find it more enjoyable and not as noisy with the right settings.


Turning off auto-play videos on Facebook is a simple change with big rewards. It helps save data, keeps your battery going longer, and avoids seeing unwanted videos. The steps for different devices are easy to follow.

By setting these preferences, you make your social media use better for you. You can change the auto-play feature on browsers and use tools like AdLock. This way, you can turn off auto-play videos on Facebook everywhere, keeping things the same no matter your device. Enjoying content on your own terms becomes simpler.

It’s good to know you can change Facebook settings for a better experience. This can help save data, reduce distractions in public, or just see what you want. Making these changes personalizes your Facebook use, making it more fun and fitting your needs. You improve your time on a top social platform this way.

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How do I stop auto-play videos on Facebook?

To stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook, depending on your device, follow several steps. For web browsers, first, head to “Settings & Privacy.” Next, click on “Videos” and switch off the auto-play option. For iOS and Android apps, it’s a bit different. Start by going to “Settings & Privacy,” then select “Media and Contacts.” Finally, select “Autoplay” to turn it off.

Why should I disable auto-play videos on Facebook?

There are several good reasons to stop videos from auto-playing. It saves your mobile data and battery. This move also helps avoid unexpected loud noises in public. Such situations can be quite embarrassing.Moreover, it protects you from seeing disturbing content without wanting to. This way, your social media feels more personal and in control.

How to stop videos from playing automatically on Facebook browser?

On a browser, stopping videos from playing automatically is simple. First, locate and click onto “Settings & Privacy.” Then, within it, choose “Videos.” Finally, just turn off the auto-play option.

Can I disable auto-play on Facebook videos on both iOS and Android?

Yes, you can stop videos from auto-playing on both iOS and Android. The steps are the same for each. Go to “Settings & Privacy” and then “Media and Contacts.” Inside, find “Autoplay” and switch it off.

Does disabling auto-play videos on Facebook reduce data usage?

Definitely, turning off video auto-play reduces how much data you use. This is especially true when you’re using your mobile data.

How does disabling auto-play videos enhance privacy on Facebook?

By turning off video auto-play, you avoid seeing unwelcome content suddenly. You get to choose when and what videos you watch. This protects your personal space on Facebook.

What additional settings can I adjust for a better Facebook experience?

Aside from auto-play, you can tweak many other settings. Try adjusting your media and contacts settings. Customizing notifications and using “Quiet Mode” can also help. These changes will reduce any unnecessary distractions.

Are there separate settings for disabling auto-play videos on each device?

Indeed, you must turn off video auto-play on every device separately. This is because your settings do not update across all platforms automatically.
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