Reasons Why You are Unable to Create event on Facebook

why can't i create a facebook event

Creating an event on Facebook should be easy, but some things can get in the way. Social media privacy settings are a big issue. If you’re not logged in or your login has expired, you might not create an event. Trying to do it with Facebook Lite, a simpler version, could also cause problems.

Steps to set up an event properly are often missed, causing stress. Privacy settings are very important. After you make an event, you can’t change its privacy. This can be a big problem for event planners who forgot to check this at the start. The time you post an event and who you invite are key. This affects if your friends or the public can see the event. So, make sure to choose wisely to avoid any trouble.

Key Takeaways

  • Make sure you’re logged in to Facebook.
  • Don’t use the simplified Facebook Lite for creating events.
  • Learn the steps to set up an event well.
  • Remember, you can’t change an event’s privacy settings once you publish it.
  • Be careful with audience settings to prevent hiding content on social media by mistake.

Possible Technical Issues

Nothing’s more annoying than being stopped from creating a Facebook event. To fix this, look into browser, app version, and device problems. They could all play a part in these issues.

Browser Compatibility

Keep your browser updated to avoid problems. Older browsers might not work well with Facebook’s event tools. This mismatch can block you from making events. So, make sure your browser is good to go.

Facebook App Version

Using an old Facebook app version can also cause trouble. They update the app often to make it better and crush bugs. If I hide a post from someone on Facebook will they know? Probably not, but missing new features can mess up creating events.

Device and OS Compatibility

Your device and its system must be able to handle the latest Facebook bits. If they’re too old, you might not be able to use all of Facebook’s features. Make sure everything in your tech world is as up-to-date as can be.

Also, watch out for your privacy settings. Facebook hiding posts or hiding posts from specific users could cause issues. If you’re having trouble, make sure your hidden posts settings aren’t too tight. They might be blocking your event plans.

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Why Can’t I Create a Facebook Event

Many people wonder, “Why can’t I make a Facebook event?” It could be due to various reasons. These include mistakes by users or complex technical issues. A big reason might be not having the latest Facebook app version. Make sure your app is updated. Older versions could miss features or have bugs.

Also, your device and its software matter. Older devices or software might not let you create events smoothly. Make sure your device and app have the latest updates. Using Facebook on a computer? Then, your browser is key. An old or incompatible browser won’t work well with Facebook. So, keep your browser updated to make event creation smoother.

creating a Facebook event on mobile

Consider concealing posts on Facebook. Hiding posts from some users might affect event creation. It’s because some privacy settings can stop Facebook from working properly. Always check your privacy settings to avoid creating hurdles for yourself.

Having trouble still? Here are some steps for making a Facebook event:

  • For mobile users: Open the app, tap “Menu,” pick “Events,” fill in the event info, and click “Create Event.”
  • For desktop users: Visit the Facebook site, click “Events” on the left, then choose “+ Create new event,” fill in the details, and click “Create Event.”

Also, you can select who can see your event:

You can set your event’s privacy to Public, Private, or for Friends only. Choosing the right privacy setting makes your event visible to the right people.

To avoid common issues, update your app, check your device’s compatibility, and keep your browser up to date. Also, knowing about privacy settings, including concealing posts on Facebook, can make event creation easier.


Creating events on Facebook can be easy if you keep certain things in mind. It’s important to make sure your browser works well and your Facebook app is up to date. Also, know what your device can handle to avoid tech problems.

Understanding and using social media privacy settings is key. This includes hiding posts and managing who sees your events. Matching your privacy settings to your event goals helps you connect with your target audience better, keeping things smooth.

Adding Facebook Polls can really amp up your event’s success. With so many users checking Stories, you can get quick feedback using polls. Also, Meta Pixel lets you see how well your events do, giving you important information.

Staying updated with Facebook’s new features and privacy rules is crucial. This helps make your event planning smoother and more engaging. By learning and using the latest tools and strategies, you can make your community on Facebook even better.

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Why can’t I create a Facebook event?

Not being logged into Facebook, an outdated app, or incompatible browsers can stop you. If your device or system is too old, you might have problems, too. Also, trying to hide posts or privacy settings on Facebook itself can cause issues.

How does browser compatibility affect my ability to create Facebook events?

Using a browser that’s not updated can make Facebook act up. To avoid this, always keep your browser updated.

Does the Facebook app version matter when creating events?

An old Facebook app version may stop you from creating events. Update your app regularly to fix any bugs and access all features.

Can my device and operating system affect my ability to create Facebook events?

Yes, if your phone or computer is old, it might not work well with Facebook’s new features. Use a device with the latest operating system for a smoother experience.

Can hiding posts from specific users affect my ability to create events?

In most cases, hiding posts from certain people won’t affect event creation. But, wrong social media privacy settings can disrupt Facebook’s functions. Always check your settings if you face any problems.

Are there any requirements for changing event privacy settings on Facebook once published?

You can’t change an event’s privacy settings after it’s published. So, pick the right audience setting before you make your event live. This avoids problems later.

How do social media privacy settings impact event creation on Facebook?

Having the wrong privacy settings can hide your event or limit who can join. Make sure your settings match how public or private you want your event to be.
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