If You hide Post From Someone on Facebook Will They Know?

if i hide a post from someone on facebook will they know

Many people worry about negative interactions on Facebook. They don’t want their social experience to be ruined. Luckily, users can hide comments so that others can’t see them. These hidden comments are still visible to the person who made the comment and their friends.

This means the original poster won’t know the comment has been hidden. Tools like Agorapulse help page managers deal with these hidden comments. They can decide to make the comment public again or send a private message to the commenter.

This trick is a good way to manage unwanted comments without making things worse.

Key Takeaways

  • When you hide a comment on Facebook, it disappears from public view immediately.
  • The original poster and their friends can still see the hidden comment, but they won’t know it has been hidden.
  • Hidden comments are visible to your team and can be found in the Agorapulse social inbox.
  • Hiding negative comments is recommended in situations where responding doesn’t add value (e.g., trolls, irrelevant or spam content).
  • Deleting a user’s comment can cause more negative comments or a bad review.

If I Hide a Post from Someone on Facebook Will They Know?

Understanding Facebook’s hiding feature is key for better social media management. It lets users hide specific comments or posts. This is done without the original commenters finding out. This feature helps you tackle negative interactions in privacy, thanks to Facebook’s tools or apps like Agorapulse.

How Facebook’s Hiding Feature Works

Hiding a comment makes it vanish from public eyes but not from the original writer and their friends. This keeps the interaction normal for them, which can reduce arguments. Social media teams can still view these hidden comments with tools like Agorapulse. This way, they can discuss or moderate the comments. This tactic is useful for avoiding trolls or spam without deleting the comment.

Visibility of Hidden Posts

Even with hidden content, the original poster sees the post as usual. But, the general audience can’t. This keeps the original poster’s experience normal. Hidden comments stay on Facebook but remain invisible to others, preserving the post’s intended meaning. With tools like Agorapulse, hiding comments is simple, enhancing content moderation for users.

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For business pages, it’s crucial to follow transparency rules, especially since January 2020. Facebook bans hiding posts during boost campaigns. The goal is to encourage careful posting and use of privacy features. While hiding options support moderation, knowing these rules helps avoid boost issues on Facebook.

Benefits and Use Cases of Hiding Posts

Dealing with negative comments on Facebook is key to a clean online image. Even top brands face negative feedback at times. This makes controlling and managing comments vital.

dealing with Facebook spam

Managing Negative Engagement

Certain types of comments demand hiding. This includes spam and self-promotion, as well as anything inappropriate. This action safeguards a brand’s image and improves the overall view of posts.

Maintaining public transparency on platforms like Facebook is vital. It ensures customer trust remains. However, deleting comments can upset users. Careful action is necessary to avoid negative backlash.

Turning unhappy customers into loyal supporters is achievable through public resolution. It’s also important to hide or delete certain comments. Spammers and trolls, for example, should not be tolerated.

It’s crucial to engage in responding to comments. This builds trust and a positive brand image. However, certain comments may be too numerous to handle directly. In these cases, they might be best left alone.

Customizing Your Audience

Tailoring your audience is significant in social media crisis management. It allows selective sharing of content. This way, you maintain privacy boundaries and relationships.

Businesses face the challenge of changing Facebook policies. They must now focus on curating content carefully for their audience. This requires the use of tools like selective sharing on Facebook for better engagement. Overcoming issues, like the greyed-out boost post, is essential for consistent user experiences.


Facebook’s hiding feature is great for dealing with negative comments. It helps keep your actions private from the commenter and their friends. This is handy for handling spam or offensive posts without causing a bigger problem.

It lets you keep your social media respectful while using tools like Agorapulse to manage these hidden responses. Teams can label, review, and even automate moderating comments. When things get tough, deleting a comment removes it from view for good.

It’s important to know the difference between hiding and deleting a comment. Hiding keeps it visible to the commenter and their friends, but deleting removes it entirely without them knowing. This balance helps keep online relationships healthy and protect a brand’s image.

In the end, using Facebook’s comment hiding wisely can help both people and businesses on social media. It keeps things respectful and private without ruining the experience. Keeping up with social media’s changes is key to staying positive and effective online.


If I hide a post from someone on Facebook, will they know?

No, hiding a post means they won’t be told, and they can still see it and share it. This stops arguments.

How does Facebook’s hiding feature work?

Facebook’s hide feature lets you keep certain things private from the public or some people. But the original poster and their friends can always see it. This is a good way to avoid online fights.

What happens to the visibility of hidden posts?

By hiding a post, others won’t see it but the poster and their friends still can. It doesn’t change their experience but can keep things under control.

How can hidden Facebook comments be managed?

To handle hidden comments, you can use Facebook’s options or tools like Agorapulse. These let you look at hidden comments and decide if others can see them again. It’s managing online talk in an efficient way.

What are the benefits of hiding posts on Facebook?

Hiding posts can stop arguing and keep your page spam-free. It makes your online space a happier place. And you can choose who views your posts without talking to them directly.

How can customizing my Facebook audience improve my social media experience?

Customizing who sees what you post means you can share with only the people you want. It keeps your personal life private and your relationships strong by removing unwanted eyes.

How does hiding comments affect Facebook’s boost feature?

Facebook’s hiding comments and its boost feature have a link but since January 2020, there are new rules. Now, how you use this boost needs extra thought to follow the rules.

What should I do if the boost option is not showing on my Facebook post?

Not seeing the boost option might be because of policies, age limits, or what you’re trying to promote. Check Facebook’s rules and make sure your post fits. This might solve the problem.

How to fix the issue when boost is unavailable on Facebook?

If boosting is not an option, make sure your post meets Facebook’s rules. Check your account settings too. If it still doesn’t work, you can reach out to Facebook for help.
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