Why is Boost Unavailable on Your Facebook and How to Fix

why is boost unavailable on my facebook post

Do you see the “Boost Unavailable” message on Facebook when you try to make your posts more visible? It’s frustrating trying to reach more people. The reason for this issue is quite varied. It could be due to not following Facebook’s ad rules, having your account restricted, and more. But, don’t worry. This guide will help you understand why boosting is not working and how to fix it. It’s key to follow Facebook’s advertising rules and check your account settings to make sure your posts can be boosted. This way, you can have a successful marketing adventure on social media.

Key Takeaways

  • Facebook posts with images containing more than 20% text may lead to boost unavailability.
  • Overdue payments or policy violations on ad accounts can cause the Boost option to be unavailable.
  • Boost might not be available if a post is geo-blocked or targets specific age groups.
  • Failure to comply with Facebook’s advertising policies can result in Boost unavailability.
  • Posts that are too old may contribute to Boost unavailability.

Understanding Boost Unavailability

Boost unavailability on Facebook can be complicated. It involves issues like compliance, content restrictions, and account problems. Knowing these factors well is key to solving the problem.

Common Reasons for Boost Unavailability

Various reasons can make your Facebook posts not boostable. Each reason affects how many people you can reach.

  • Posts with too much text in images or old content face boost feature limitations.
  • Ad account problems, like late payments or violating policies, are big issues.
  • Targeting certain audiences, including geo-blocking or aiming at specific ages, can also stop boosting.

Types of Content That Cannot Be Boosted

It’s vital to know which content faces restrictions. This knowledge is crucial for your social media content strategy.

  • Posts that break Facebook ad compliance rules, like promoting banned items or showing false info, are off limits.
  • Content that is offensive or not suitable meets content restrictions on Facebook.

Account Restrictions and Violations

From small policy breaches to big violations, account issues matter. Keeping your ad account healthy is really important.

“Ad account problems like overdue payments or policy violations contribute most to boost unavailability.”

To deal with these issues, you should follow Facebook ad compliance and fix payment problems fast. Keeping your account within Facebook’s rules makes your social media content strategy smoother and improves your chances to boost.

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Why is Boost Unavailable on My Facebook Post?

Many wonder, “Why is boost unavailable on my Facebook post?” Several issues can cause this. It might be due to tough ad rules from Facebook, specific problems with what you posted, or issues with your account. Fixing such problems takes a detailed approach.

boost availability issues

Ineligibility Due to Ad Policies

Facebook checks ads thoroughly. If your post breaks their rules, it won’t be eligible for boosting. Your content must be honest and not deceptive. Also, don’t include a lot of text in images. To boost your chances, make sure your content is top-notch and aligns with Facebook’s rules.

Post Content Issues

If your post has certain wrong things, it can’t be boosted. This includes things like banned content or expired posts. Only verified pages can boost Live and scheduled videos. To make posts eligible, replace or adjust them to meet Facebook’s rules. This ensures they can be boosted.

Account-Related Problems

Account problems can also stop you from boosting posts. This may happen if you owe Facebook money or broke their rules. It’s also important to keep your account safe from hackers. Secure and problem-free accounts are key to being able to boost posts. Good account protection helps keep things running smoothly.

Troubleshooting and Fixing Boost Unavailability

Dealing with Facebook Boost Issues needs a clear strategy. First, check if your ad meets Facebook’s rules. Some materials can’t be boosted, like cover photos or videos, and profile pictures. Following these rules boosts your post’s viewability. This also makes boosting smoother for you.

Facebook password requests and odd security checks might mean your account’s not right. Fix these account security problems fast. Strong Facebook security keeps your account safe and ready for boosting.

Keep your posts eligible by not using the same old content. Avoid expired or draft posts. Also, Facebook won’t boost posts with Click IDs to keep data accurate. By tackling these issues, your content meets Facebook’s standards. This means more people see your posts.

Also, some post types can’t be boosted, like those with restricted products. Make sure your account roles permit boosting. Some roles might lack this power, making things more complex.

If boosts remain unavailable, consider other digital marketing methods. A varied strategy helps keep your brand in front of people. It lets you reach your audience better. This can solve Facebook Boost Issues while keeping your marketing strong.


It’s key to know why Boost might be unavailable on Facebook for ace marketing. Keep up with Facebook’s rules to boost your ads right, improving how many people see them. By keeping your login safe and following their rules, you cut the chance of boost troubles.

Facebook’s rules can seem tough, but they can be a chance to make your ads better. For example, using words like “you” or “your” too much might stop your boost. Try changing your words or make sure your events are up to date. This can solve many issues.

Be alert to why your boost might not be working, like old events or not the right page role. Knowing this helps you fix problems fast, keeping your ads working well. This way, you not only reach more people but also make sure they like what they see. A smart move always makes your ads do better.

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Why is Facebook asking for my password all of a sudden?

Facebook asks for your password to keep your account safe. They do this to stop others from getting in. It’s part of how they check for strange activity to protect you.

What does "Boost Unavailable" mean on my Facebook post?

When you see “Boost Unavailable,” it means you can’t promote that post. This might be because the post breaks advertising rules or for other reasons. They include things like blocked accounts or certain types of content.

What are common reasons for Boost unavailability?

A common issue is not following Facebook’s ad rules. You might have late payments or forbidden content. Facebook also checks if you’re targeting the right audience and obeying certain geolocation rules.

Can any type of content be boosted on Facebook?

No, Facebook won’t boost posts that have too much text on images or seem old. It’s key to stick to Facebook’s rules when you want to boost a post.

How can account restrictions affect boosting posts?

Account problems, from breaking rules to security risks, might block boosting. It’s vital to keep your Facebook use safe to prevent these issues.

What should I do if my Facebook post is ineligible to boost due to ad policies?

First, study Facebook’s rules and changes needed. You may have to tweak your post to follow the rules and get it boosted again.

How can post content issues lead to boost unavailability?

If your post has banned content, lots of text, or falls below Facebook’s content standards, it won’t be boost-friendly. Keeping your post in line with Facebook’s advertising guidelines can help.

How do account-related problems impact boosting posts?

Account issues like strange password requests or hacking worries can stop you from boosting. Fixing these problems keeps your boosting options open.

How can I troubleshoot and fix boost unavailability on Facebook?

Check if you’re following Facebook’s ad rules and if your account is secure. Use other online marketing tools if boosting your post on Facebook hits a snag.
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