How to Update Relationship Status on Facebook Without Posting

change relationship status on facebook without posting

When it comes to personal life updates on Facebook, some people want privacy. This can especially be true when changing relationship status. There are many reasons people keep these changes private. This includes moments after a breakup or when starting a new relationship. Careful thought and timing often play big parts in these decisions. Luckily, you can update your relationship status on Facebook without everyone knowing. You can do this by adjusting your privacy settings.

To discreetly update your Facebook relationship status, you need to go to your ‘About’ section first. Then, click on ‘Family and Relationships’ to make changes. Facebook’s privacy settings let you choose who can see your relationship status. You should also check your timeline settings to avoid unwanted tags or shares. Considering how this could affect you and talking to those involved are important steps too.

Key Takeaways

  • 1,216 views indicate high interest in managing relationship status privacy on Facebook.
  • Changing relationship status on Facebook discreetly is possible through privacy settings.
  • Accessing the Relationship Section requires clicking on ‘About’ and ‘Family and Relationships’ within your profile.
  • Customize visibility options like public, friends, only me, or a custom list for your relationship status.
  • Review timeline settings to avoid unwanted tagging or sharing without approval.
  • Consider emotional timing and discuss with your partner before updating sensitive statuses like ‘Separated’ or ‘Divorced.’
  • Untagging from photos with a former partner can help maintain discretion regarding relationship status changes.

Understanding Facebook’s Privacy Settings

Facebook is the biggest social network, with 1.5 billion people using it daily. It’s important to know how to use its privacy settings, especially for changing your relationship status quietly. This way, you can keep control over who sees your personal details.

Accessing the Privacy Settings

Wish to change your relationship status on Facebook without everyone seeing it? First, go to the privacy settings. You can find the privacy shortcuts in your profile settings. These tools help adjust who sees your updates, so you don’t have to share everything with everyone.

Customizing Profile Visibility

Customizing who sees your profile is key. Facebook lets you pick different audiences for your info, like Public, Friends, Custom, and Only Me. You can set who sees your personal info such as phone number, email, and relationship status. This keeps things private or shares them with just a few people.

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Facebook has tools to help you manage your privacy while keeping your friends up-to-date. The privacy shortcuts, detailed settings, and activity controls make it easy to share what you want, when you want, and with who you want.

Step-by-Step Guide to Change Relationship Status on Facebook Without Posting

Changing your relationship status on Facebook is a private choice for many. This guide shows how to update it without telling everyone. You can keep your changes hidden from your whole network.

Access the Relationship Section

Start by going to your Facebook profile. Under your picture, you’ll see the About section. Click this and then Family and Relationships. This is where you can see and adjust your relationship status.

Edit Privacy Settings

You’ll spot a privacy icon next to your status. It looks like two heads or a globe. Click it to change your status secretly. You can pick Only me to keep it to yourself or Friends to show some people.

Update Your Relationship Status

Set your privacy choice first. Then switch your status to the correct one—like Single or In a relationship. If the change shows up, quickly hide it. Go to the post, click the three dots, and choose Edit or Remove. Pick Hide From Timeline to keep it private.

These steps help you tweak your Facebook relationship setting without a big alert. It’s good for staying private or if you’re involved in something like a net neutrality protest. Either way, you can manage your status change easily.

Additional Tips for a Private Relationship Status Update

Updating your relationship status on Facebook privately takes more than just clicking some settings. This guide will help you do it without everyone knowing.

update relationship status on facebook without sharing

Review Your Timeline Settings

Check your timeline settings first. Decide who can post on your timeline. By adjusting these, you avoid relationship status changes made by others.

Consider the Emotional Timing

Think about when and how you’ll update your status. Timing it right is important for you and anyone else involved. Being thoughtful can prevent hurt feelings.

Communicate with Your Partner

Before switching your status privately, talk to your partner. Sharing your plans respects their feelings and avoids confusion or embarrassment later.

Manage Tagged Photos

Keep an eye on tagged photos. Untag yourself in old photos with your ex. This way, you change your status without alerting others through those pictures.


You can update your Facebook relationship status without telling everyone how. Just use Facebook’s privacy settings well. With the right steps, you can keep things private.

Using Facebook’s settings lets you decide who sees your posts. You can keep such changes under wraps. Remember to also manage what photos you’re tagged in and talk with your partner.

Celebrities who use Instagram show how important it is to control what’s shared online. On Facebook, you too can control your updates. This way, they stay personal. Be smart and keep things private, and handle changes with care.


How can I discreetly update my relationship status on Facebook?

First, head to your profile and click on ‘About.’ Then choose ‘Family and Relationships.’ Privacy settings let you share it with “Only Me” or a custom group without alerting others.

How do I change my relationship status on Facebook quietly?

To change it quietly, set your relationship status audience to “Only Me.” This way, your news feed won’t update with your changes. Keep it off your timeline as well.

Can I update my relationship status on Facebook without sharing it publicly?

Yes, you can keep it private. Just before you update, set the privacy to “Only Me” for your relationship status. This way, only you will see the change.

How do I alter my relationship status on Facebook without notifying others?

To change it without notifications, go to ‘About’ on your profile and select ‘Family and Relationships.’ Pick “Only Me” for privacy, and then edit your status. This way, no one will be alerted.

What should I do to discreetly switch my Facebook relationship status?

Begin with the ‘About’ section in your profile. Then, go to ‘Family and Relationships.’ Choose “Only Me” under privacy. This update will stay private, visible only to you or certain people.

How can I update my Facebook relationship status without broadcasting it?

Before you update, set the privacy to “Only Me” or pick a custom audience. This keeps your relationship status change from showing to all on Facebook.

How can I review and customize my privacy settings on Facebook?

For customizations, go to profile settings and select “Privacy Shortcuts.” Here, control who sees your posts and profile info. For relationship status, manage settings under your ‘About’ section.

Why is it important to review my timeline settings when changing my relationship status?

Looking over your timeline settings helps ensure the privacy you want. It stops others from posting about your relationship change without your okay.

How can I manage tagged photos related to my relationship on Facebook?

For tagged photos, check your activity log. You can remove tags from any photo not right for your profile. This helps keep your profile’s reflection accurate.

Should I communicate with my partner before updating our relationship status on Facebook?

Yes, talking to your partner before changing your relationship status is key. It’s respectful and helps avoid misunderstandings or upset feelings later.
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