Create iDVD Slideshow From Selection

Here's an easy-to-create workflow that will create a new slideshow in the currently open iDVD project, using the selected Aperture image versions.

STEP 01 - Identify the Image Versions

Most Aperture workflows begin with identifying the image versions that will be used in the workflow. There are four "starter actions" that will return references to a specific set of images: Choose Projects, Choose Albums, Find Aperture Items, and Get Selected Images. For this example, we'll determine the images by selecting them in the Aperture window.

Click on the Aperture application library in the Library list and then add the Get Selected Images action to the workflow by dragging it from the Actions list to the workflow area.

STEP 02 - Filter for Picks

The next step is to filter the passed image references to retrieve only the picks. Add the Filter for Picks action to the end of the workflow. This action will examine each of the image versions passed from the previous action and pass on only the picks to the next action.

STEP 03 - Export the Image Versions

The next step is to create new image files from the image versions passed from the previous action. Add the Export Verions action to the end of the workflow and choose an appropriate image type and size for use in a Keynote slideshow.

NOTE: Any export settings you create within Aperture will automatically be displayed in the popup list along with the built-in settings.

STEP 04 - Create Slideshow

Select the iDVD icon in the Library column to display its actions. Double-click the New iDVD Slideshow list item to add it to the end of the workflow.

As with the first action in the workflow, click the Options control in the action view to display the action's optional parameters. Select the Show When Run checkbox to enable this action view to be displayed when the workflow is executed.

Save the Workflow

From the File menu in Automator, choose Save as Plug-in... to display the save sheet at the top of the workflow window.

Name the workflow Aperture Images to iDVD Slideshow and select Script Menu from the Plug-in for popup menu. Click the Save button to save the workflow, and then close the workflow window. The saved workflow will now be available from the system-wide Script Menu at the top right of the main menu bar.

Run the Workflow

To execute the workflow, select the Aperture Images to iDVD Slideshow menu item from the Script Menu. The action view for the export will be displayed. Select appropriate settings and destination.

After you've chosen the export paramters, the workflow will continue by exporting each of the currently selected image versions using the previously chosen export setting. The status of the workflow will be displayed next to the Script Menu icon in the main menu bar.

Once the export process has completed, the action view for the iDVD slideshow will be displayed. Enter the name for the slideshow and any desired settings.

The slideshow will be created in the currently open iDVD project.

You now have an automation tool for creating new iDVD slideshows using the images from any Aperture album.