Action Groups

In Automator for Leopard, locating and organizing actions has become much easier.

In prior versions of Automator, actions were grouped by application rather than by function. This meant that actions targeting a specific type of task, such as manipulating images, could be scattered across multiple application groups, making it more difficult to locate and insert the appropriate action into your workflow.

In Automator for Leopard, actions are sorted into:

  1. Category Groups • Actions grouped by function, such as Photos, or Files & Folders, make it easy to find the action you need based on what you want to do.
  2. Custom Groups • If you find that you often use actions from different groups in workflows, you can save time switching between Action Groups by organizing your favorite actions into Custom Groups you create and title yourself.
  3. Smart Groups • If you want to see all of the actions that pertain to a certain task or function, use the power of Spotlight to find them by adding Smart Groups, that list actions matching a user-defined set of search criteria.

You create and manage the Custom and Smart Action Groups from the popup menu located the bottom left of the workflow window.