Streamlined Interface

Automator for Leopard sports a dramatically streamlined interface providing quicker access to the information you need for creating and editing workflows.

New controls are conveniently placed where you need them most, so there's no searching menus for settings or data.

Here are some of the many new interface enhancements:

  1. Action Groups • In prior versions of Automator, actions were grouped by application rather than by function. In Automator for Leopard, actions are divided into Category Groups, Custom Groups, and even Smart Groups.
  2. In-line Action Resources • To view the result of actions executed in a workflow used to require the insertion of a View Results action after the individual actions in a workflow. With the new Automator, every action can show its results within its action view. In addition, action descriptions and runtime options are also easily viewed in this manner.
  3. Slide-in Data Views • In prior versions of Automator, the workflow log was displayed in drawer at the bottom of the screen. This cumbersome technique has been replaced with a slide-in view that is displayed and dismissed with the click of a button. Slide-in views are also provided for the Action Description and the Variables Table.
  4. iLife Media Picker • Using images and videos stored on your computer in workflow is easy with the built-in iLife Media Picker, accessed from the Automator window toolbar.

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